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    100% speed up your sale and bloost your business.Benefits Of WhatsApp bulk sender:Easy To Use.Create And Upload Database of your potential customers.No need save contact list inot mobile first.Send Text, Image,100% Delivery On Number.In-Built Filter.whatspp phone number Guess program.Group contact all export to be yours.Get Instant Report.No Credit limit, Send Unlimited msg to Unlimited Users And Clients.Lowest Rate In Market.
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    LinkedIn Email ExtractorLinkedIn Email Extractor is a Python script which provides the LinkedIn profiles whose description contains the Email id in it. LEE saves the link to the profile and its information in an excel file including a separate column for the Email.No need to search manually for the Email-Ids.Saves you from exhausting connection request.Get to the person directly through the mail.FeaturesUses Go/ogle Custom Search Engine API for searching LinkedIn profiles.Just enter the Organisation Name and Job Role to get the linked profiles and Email Ids.OR, enter your own search term for g...
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  • 100% speed up your sale and bloost your business.

    Benefits Of WhatsApp bulk sender:

    Easy To Use.

    Create And Upload Database of your potential customers.

    No need save contact list inot mobile first.

    Send Text, Image,

    100% Delivery On Number.

    In-Built Filter.

    whatspp phone number Guess program.

    Group contact all export to be yours.

    Get Instant Report.

    No Credit limit, Send Unlimited msg to Unlimited Users And Clients.

    Lowest Rate In Market.

    Whatsapp messager bulk sender PC

  • Guidelines to avoid WhatsApp Number Ban

    For example if you are sending 100 messages daily if you send  200 or 500 at a time then whatsapp algorithms will detect as you are sending messages from automated software

    We would suggest you don't send 1000,2000,3000+ messages at once per day. Make it 50,100,150,200,250,300 or 500 give some delay/pause for 30 min or 1hr then you can send to avoid ban from WhatsApp.

    You should gradually increase number of messages.

    Safety Instructions:

    Go to >> Settings

    Make Fast to Slow

    Check all options

    1) Set wait between 1 and 10 secs

    2) after 5 messages

    Wait 10 seconds

    Count 15

    3) after 20 messages

    For 5 seconds

    4) send messages to 300, 400 at a time, and send no more than 1000 per day. 

    5) If you just created your whatsapp account, then don't use this software from that account, 

    Instead, use only whatsapp account which is at least 1 month older and you have done some conversation through it. 

    Follow all the instructions, so that your account will not getting banned by whatsApp company.

    : First box 10

    Second box 20

    Wait between 10

    And 20

    Unlimited in a day but follow this recommendation

    50 message at a time once 50 message completed than send another 50 message

    Use only old what's app number to send messages

    Use multiple whats app number to send messages

     so ,have to one time only put 50 contacts of whatsapp ?

    You can put unlimited as there is no such limit in software

    It is just our recommendation

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    Whatsapp messager bulk sender PC

    let us avoid the below:

    Your WhatsApp account was banned because our system flagged your account activity as a violation of our Terms of Service.

    After reviewing your account activity, we’ve removed the ban so you should now have access to WhatsApp.

    To avoid this situation in the future, you should abide by the following:

    Get permission from your contacts before you add them to a group.

    Only communicate with users you know and those who wish to receive messages from you.

    Don’t send unsolicited promotional or repetitive messages.

    Follow our Terms of Service.

    Only download WhatsApp from trusted sources like the Google Play Store or Apple App store. 

    You can visit our website to download WhatsApp or the WhatsApp Business app.

    Please keep in mind, we can reinstate an account ban if the account activity continues to violate our Terms of Service. We recommend carefully reviewing the “Acceptable Use of Our Services” section of our Terms of Service to learn more about the appropriate uses of WhatsApp and the activities that violate our Terms of Service. You can learn more about how to use WhatsApp responsibly in this Help Center article.

    Note: We don’t provide support for unsupported apps, devices, or versions of WhatsApp, or jailbroken or rooted devices. Learn more about our supported operating systems in this article. For more information about unofficial apps and why we don’t support these apps, you can refer to this article.


    WhatsApp Support WhatsApp Support Team

    Here are some recommendations to reduce the chances of number blocking!

    1.Format the messages in an interactive manner. Such that the person receiving the message thinks that it’s a real conversational message instead of a robotic -promotional message.

    2.Set a random time gap between messages (premium feature).

    3.Send name customized messages (premium feature).

    4.Don’t send from your personal/main business number.

    5.Start slow, increase the number of messages gradually (Ex – Day 1: 100 messages in 2 slots, Day 2: 150 Messages in 3-4 slots).

    6.Don’t send over WiFi (Use mobile internet).

    7.Don’t send to unknown contacts, obtain prior consent before sending the messages.

    8.Don’t send more than 100 in one go

    9.Don’t send more than 500 messages on the first day.


    See what you can do to make sure that people do not report you and what you can do AFTER your number gets blocked.

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